Saturday, September 3, 2011

Islam Vs. Liberty: Remebering 9/11

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Is a rule-obsessed religion that denies original sin and the need for grace compatible with freedom?

Absolutely not, when a religion denies the fact that because of Adam we are sinners and focuses on rules, and the need for grace it becomes it becomes ruthless to the insiders and brutal to the outsiders. It enslaves those who are part of the faith. And since there is no freedom in this religion it is okay to have slaves. 

09/03/2011 Islam (World Magazine)-The United States replied to 9/11 with not only military might but the hope that Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries would gain freedom. A WORLD cover in 2005 showed an Iraqi voter making an ink-fingered peace sign. Television networks this year showcased demonstrators for freedom in Tunisia, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

But with democratic experiments stalling, more Americans are asking basic questions: Do many devout Muslims, for theological reasons, see liberty as an enemy? Is it historical accident that societies with a Protestant base have typically developed free institutions, and societies with a Muslim base typically have not? (Source)

It isn't an accident of history that Christian-based societies have free institutions. This is because the grand theme of the Bible is that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again three days later to set us free from the bondage of sin. He set us free from sin so we could be slaves to righteousness which leads to life. So where ever Christianity has gone it created liberties like freedom of speech and religion have gone. Whereas with Islam, slavery and tyranny have been it's highlighted characteristics.

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