Monday, November 28, 2011

Egyptian Christians ask for prayer over election concerns

11/27/2011 Egypt (Middle East Concern) – Egyptian Christians request our prayers as Egypt prepares to commence Parliamentary elections on 28th November (the elections are in stages and are scheduled to conclude on 10th March 2012). Within the current context of protest, violence and lack of security, Christians have several specific concerns.

First, Christians are concerned that the pattern of protest and violent response is nurturing an environment of indifference towards violence, including sectarian violence.

Second, Christians continue to be a vulnerable group, disproportionally affected by the lack of security in Egypt. They fear that the current climate of intimidation, violence and instability could lead to fewer Christians voting, which would impact their representation in Parliament.

Third, Christians are concerned that some parties, if they achieve power, intend to restrict freedoms, including freedom of expression and the religious freedom of religious minority communities. Although most parties have pledged to fight against sectarianism and discrimination, Christians fear that some parties, likely to have significant representation, would not honour such pledges.

Egyptian Christians request our prayers that:
•    The elections will be conducted in a peaceful environment and in a fair manner, and that all Egyptians, including Christians, will have confidence in the process
•    There will be an end to the violence, and that independent investigations will be initiated into the recent violence and that suffered by predominantly Christian protesters in October
•    That all political parties will respect and uphold Egypt's current human rights commitments, including the freedoms of belief and expression

I will be praying for my Egyptian brethren indeed.

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