Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christian Employee Fired By Macy’s After Refusing To Comply With “Transgender” Policy

And the American persecution of my brethren in Christ continues:

12/5/2011 United States (Liberty Counsel) - A young woman was fired from the Macy's San Antonio Rivercenter department store in Texas for refusing to violate her religious beliefs by permitting a young man dressed as a woman from entering the women’s dressing room.

Natalie Johnson claims she saw the young man walk out of the women’s fitting room and politely told him that he could not go back in because it was for women only. The cross-dressing young man claimed that he is a “female.” Johnson said that he was wearing make-up and girl’s clothing, but clearly he was a male. The cross-dresser was accompanied by five other individuals. The group argued with expletives that Macy’s is LGBT-friendly, to which Johnson replied that Macy’s is also non-discriminatory toward religion, and that it would go against her religious beliefs to lie that he was a woman or compromise with homosexuality. The group then demanded to speak with a manager.

 When Johnson was confronted by her employer, she explained that she could not allow a male to change in a female’s fitting room. Johnson’s boss referred her to Macy’s LGBT policy which allows “transgender” people to change in any dressing room they want.

However, Johnson pointed out that the same policy also protects against religious discrimination and, in this case, it protects her right to her beliefs that were being violated. The manager demanded that she comply with the LGBT policies or lose her job. Johnson refused to go against her sincerely held religious beliefs and was terminated from her job(Source).

I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for my sister-in-Christ willingness to stick by her religious convictions.  I pray that the Lord Jesus gives us the same strength as well if we are faced with a similar situation.

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  1. I agree with that woman. Why would a transgender Male work there when it was clear that is is only for females. Jesus will comeback. He is the true holy person.