Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Review of Tortured for Christ Part II: A continuation the reflection and summary

After spending fourteen years in prison, he met up with his wife again and they leave Romania for Western countries like Norway, England and then finally America. He goes on to say in the 4th chapter (Defeating Communism with the Love Spirit of Christ) that he hates communism, but he loves the communist. And he recaps in that chapter that he and fellow brethren in Christ were joyful while in prison. Later in the book (Chapters 5 and 6), he continues to talk about the Underground Church, their courage and how they are defeating communism. He talks about the courage of people who challenge the communist professors on their atheistic beliefs. They did this so much so that theses professors stopped giving their lectures. He says that the Christians were shining their lights for the Lord Jesus Christ and that was what gave them credibility for their witness among the non-Christian Russians. He recaps a story about a Christian girl who shows loves to a Communist girl and that eventually causes her to swear her allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ. This causes her to witness openly to all the inmates and other people in the prison. It is only a matter of time before they shipped her off to Siberia. After this Varia (the atheist girl who was led to Christ), writes a letter basically saying that she can’t keep quiet about the gospel and now because she has Jesus Christ, her life now has purpose. In her last letter she was said to have become a slave laborer. And finally he concludes with ways the Western Christians can help their persecuted brethren in Christ.

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