Friday, March 2, 2012

U.S Missionaries Injured By Muslim Mob In Bangladesh

I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will heal my American brethren in Christ and give them boldness to preach the gospel to Muslims and Hindus in Bangladesh.

02/29/2012 Bangladesh (New York Post) - Three American missionaries were injured in northern Bangladesh on Wednesday after their car was attacked by a mob who suspected they were converting Muslims into Christians, police said. Police arrested two teachers and a student from an Islamic seminary in Madarganj, 120 miles (200 kilometers) north of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka, following the attack.

At least 200 angry locals chased the missionaries' car and threw stones at it, leaving three with cuts from broken glass, the district police chief said. The missionaries were part of a group "of seven Presbyterians who were attacked by the Muslim villagers. They have been given first aid and moved to a safer place," Abdur Razzaq told AFP. The US citizens were accompanied by a Bangladeshi Christian convert to assess a piece of land for setting up a church, a school and a hospital to conduct missionary activities in the largely Muslim area, he said(Source).

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