Thursday, May 31, 2012

China: Female Christian Petitioner Raped By Government-Hired Security Personnel

This horrifies me. I pray that Zhu stays strong and that whoever raped her is caught brought to justice.

05/30/2012 China (ChinaAid) - Zhu Guiqin, a Christian woman living at 26#, 13th Block, Anju Community, Changchun Street, Fushun City, Liaoning Province, was unfortunately kidnapped and raped by security personnel hired by the local government when she travelled to Beijing to petition on April 11, 2012. She reported to the police immediately, but the police in the two cities of Liaoning Fushun and Beijing shifted responsibility to each other. The case has not been formally filed up to the present and the criminal suspect Xiaohai is still walking around as a free man.

Below is the recount of Zhu Guiqi:
It was about 5pm of April 11, when I walked out of Beijing Gangwasi Church. I was going to take a bus right across the street from the church entrance when three men ran up to me by the bus stop, grabbed me and pushed me into a minivan parked by the street. The vehicle took off right away, and they immediately took away my Identification Card, my two cell phones, one USB drive, bank cards and over 200 yuan in cash that I had on me.

These items have not been returned to me to this day. I spotted police on the street from inside the car, so I started yelling for help. The four or five people who kidnapped me grabbed me, put a mask over my head, and bound up my mouth, arms and legs with wide plastic tapes in five or six layers. They also pushed down a row of back seats and placed me underneath them, so that I couldn’t move, not to mention utter any sound. Then these kidnappers started making a phone call. I could tell the person on the other side of the phone was Bi Shengguo, the Associate Secretary of Changchun Street Office, Fushun City. (His phone number: 13941311009) They also said to me when they pushed me into their vehicle, “Don’t hate us. Hate your local government.

We don’t understand either why your local government hates you so much. They asked us to kill you in five days. We’ll let you go right away if you could give us 3000 yuan.” From their conversations in the vehicle, I could tell one of them is a retired veteran from the army in some city of Liaoning.

Zhu Guiqin is a Christian. Early in 2004, she was unlawfully sentenced to three years’ education in labor camp because she went to Beijing to petition for her rights and interests. She was sent to MasanjiaLabor Camp which is notorious for torturing and persecuting Falungong practitioners. She endured indescribable torture and persecutions during her time there.

After she was released, she constantly went to Beijing to petition to relevant government agencies, which offended the local government. So the local government hired illegal security guards to take revenge on her. Ms. Zhu is almost 50 years old and yet the man who raped her is only in his early twenties. This is an appalling crime! It also proves the absence of rule of law in China, moral deterioration, and the fact that public authorities have become mafias. We call on Chinese Christians to pay close attention to this case and pray for Ms. Zhu(Source).

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