Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Arab Believers Risk Death For Faith

I thank the Lord for the boldness and bravery of my Arab brethren in Christ. I pray that his courage will enable our more timid brethren in Christ in the Middle East to stand boldly for the Lord Jesus Christ.

06/04/2012 Middle East (Charisma News) - What happens when a Muslim comes to Christ in the Middle East? Many fear persecution so they keep their Christian faith a secret. Others, like evangelist "Rasim," boldly profess their faith and suffer dire consequences as a result. There are dangers but also blessings of embracing and sharing the gospel in a very distressed region of the world.

Many Muslims throughout the Middle East are coming to Christ through signs and wonders like those performed by Paul and Barnabas in the Book of Acts. The road to Damascus is where the apostle Paul walked and stopped at the home of Ananias where he was baptized. And that was the start of an incredible ministry that has changed the world. Today in Syria, other evangelists are following in his footsteps.
One evangelist named Rasim shares his faith in a mosque with the imam. He gave the Islamic priest a copy of the Bible and the Jesus film.
"I told him if you read the Bible, you'll believe and your mind will be changed--the Lord is God and he died for you," Rasim said. "He took the Bible and he said, 'maybe.'"
Several Christians joined Rasim in the mosque and prayed for an elderly Muslim man named Bakram. He could barely walk because he had broken his knee and it had not healed properly.
"Bakram was healed and he started dancing and was very happy," Rasim said. "Hallelujah! There's a miracle in the mosque!"
Like the secret Muslim converts and other Christians, Rasim's safety is at risk. While he is often afraid when he approaches a mosque, he said he feels the peace of God once he steps through the door in faith.
And because he courageously pushes forward, the knees of a Bedouin woman were also healed recently when Rasim paid a visit to her home.
"We have fear, but Jesus is with us—Emmanuel is with us," Rasim said. "Jesus said, 'I am with you forever' and we need to go to the mosques and everywhere to tell people the truth about Him and His love(Source)."

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