Sunday, June 19, 2011

Persecution Helps Churches Grow

Christian Apologist, Tertullian said, "The blood of the matyrs is the seed of the gospel." These words seem to ring true in Somalia.

06/15/2011 Somalia (The Paris Post Intelligencer)-This is in response to the “Outside the Church Doors” commentary about Christian persecution that ran Monday. I am glad to see Mr. [Ernest] Williams bring to light what so many believers/followers in Jesus Christ are experiencing around the world. Thank you, sir.

The Lord has blessed me with being able to work with 115 different churches in Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and here in the States. Most of the churches overseas where we have been face enormous persecution each day — murder, torture, kidnapping, prison, etc. It is the life that they live.
What I have seen is that in areas where the church is suffering persecution, the good news of Christ is spreading like wildfire. In these areas, the church is flourishing, healthy and believers live out a poured-out existence in following the Son of God.

All that they are, and all that they have, is attributed to Jesus Christ. The Spirit of God moves in and around these people. They are truly filled with the Holy Spirit. I went to Somalia this past January with a fellow preacher to contact the underground church there. The first Christian that we came in contact with was highly offended when I asked her if she was in fact a “Christian.” She told us that in that part of the world, the term “Christian” is offensive. She went on to say, “There it identifies them with a person who only goes to church now and then and does not truly serve Christ … you know, like the Christians in America. We want to be called ‘believers’ because everything about our lives points to following Jesus Christ.” Wow!

They are nI must say that I was surprised, but it is something that I have seen and heard many times around the world. Every time I return home here to the States, I see so many churches — not all churches, but most — that are barely getting by, very weak in power and very unknowledgeable of the Word of God.

They are not reaching out to people in their community on a daily basis. The members say that they love God, but do not keep His commandments. The Bible says that people like this are liars, plain and simple. Many are only interested in feeling better about themselves and do not follow the God of the Bible.
The members say that they do follow God, but are not found studying God’s Word, living a sacrificial existence or fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Great Commission commands believers to go unto all of the world telling of the good news of Christ, teaching, baptizing and making disciples. Not until persecution reaches our shores, and not until America is broken of its comfort, will the church begin to truly flourish here. A missionary who I am good friends with in China said this to me recently; “All of the servants of God that I work with in China pray daily that America will be broken for God and that persecution will reach the American church.” (Source)

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