Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finding Christ in Saudi Arabia

Every day, Muslims listeners of Christian satellite television broadcasts who are curious about Christianity call in to ICC sponsored representatives to talk about Jesus. Here is the story of how Ahmad found Jesus:
Ahmad, who is 26 years old from Saudi Arabia, tried hard his whole life to please Allah. He eventually saved enough money to perform the Hajj (Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca), but still could not find the answers to his many questions that he had been searching for. Ahmad’s heart was not at peace as he longed for a personal a relationship with his creator. Rather than a loving God who offers forgiveness, Ahmad felt only judgment and wrath for every act of disobedience he committed against Allah.

One day, as Ahmad was flipping through television channels, he found an ICC partnered program on the Hajj. Having just performed the Hajj himself, Ahmad was very interested in what the program had to say. To Ahmad’s surprise, the program was challenging the Islamic religion by exposing its inaccuracies. Ahmad began doing his own research by reading and watching more programs online. “I did the maximum I can do to reach Allah but could not find him till I saw your shows,” he said on the phone to a counselor.

One of the counselors started to talk to Ahmad about Christ and His plan of salvation. Ahmad prayed that very day and committed his life to Christ. Please pray for Ahmad’s safety, as it is very dangerous to convert to Christianity in Saudi Arabia. Please also pray that Ahmad will continue to grow in his faith by seeking the Lord, reading his Bibles, and finding an underground fellowship that will allow him the opportunity to worship with other believers (Source).

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