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Iran: Family members of Islamic Leaders are attracted to Christianity

The Religion of the Lord Jesus Christ has spreading rapidly in the Middle East, particularly in the country of Iran. One of the reasons Christianity is spreading so quickly there is because of Ayatollah Khomeini, a charismatic Shi'ite Muslim leader who started the Iranian Revolution in 1979. He showed everyone in Iran the true spirit of Islam and they didn't like it. Many people have been turning to the Living Savior, Jesus Christ, ever since then. And now it's getting to the point that even relatives of Islamic leaders are making Christ Jesus their Lord and King as this report is showing:

7/9/2011 Iran (Mohabat News) – One of the greatest concerns of the Islamic Republic leaders is the ever-increasing interest of the Iranian population, inside and outside of Iran, to Christianity and this interest has reached the family members of these leaders.

"Mohammad Noorizad" is a film director, movie script-writer, and newspaper personality, who prior to the most recent presidential elections of 2009 was one of the great supporters of the Islamic Republic of Iran's supreme leader "Ayatollah Khamenei", but became a harsh critic of the government after the election and because of his open letters to Ali Khamenei, was arrested and tortured. In his latest website he has begun a new way of exposing the leaders of Iran. In a short essay surrounding his blunt and unprecedented visit with

"Seyed Hassan Khomeini", the grandson of "Ayatollah Khomeini" - the founder of the Islamic republic of Iran,- he, in a somewhat resigning tone, quotes Mr. "Seyed Hassan Khomeini" that "one of the sons of the aides to "Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi" has become a Christian".

In mentioning this news, he continues by quoting "Seyed Hassan Khomeini" that the person who has become a Christian was most likely a political activist in the so called "The Green Movement". He tried to rationalize this by saying, "probably, father and son they argued and fought over something and the father become desperate and unable to answer the criticisms of his son and ends up harshly rebuking his son. So, the son in retaliation claims that he has become and a Christian." At the end of his article, Noorizad expresses the worries of "Seyed Ali Khamenei", as demonstrated in his frequent travels to the city of Qum.

Even though no names were mentioned in this article, one thing is clear that the claim that all this was because of a disagreement between a father and son does not make any sense. It is more likely that the son of the aide to "Ayatollah Mesbah- Yazdi " was arguing with his father over matter related his faith in Christ and for some convenient reason the matter was politicized by connecting it to the Green Movement.
Mesbah-Yazdi's warnings have come back to haunt him

These surprising comments from Noorizad come at a time when on June 1, 2011, Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, who is well known for his aggressive, fundamentalist, and often extremist Islamic and Shiite theological views and many have labeled him as the brain power and the theoretician of the Islamic Republic of Iran, had given a very strong and urgent warning regarding the rapid growth of Christianity in Iran. He commented that all the budgetary and other resource allocations designed to eradicate Christianity from Iran had failed. Ironically Christianity had penetrated in the circle of his most trusted confidants.

Nevertheless, the ongoing opposition and anti-Christian campaigns do not end here. Prior to this, "Vahid Khorasani", one of the top elite clerics of the Islamic Republic had warned of the ever-increasing of the Christian converts among the young Iranians. These comments resulted in a wave of oppressive measure that resulted in the arrests of many new Christian believers by the secret police of the intelligence and judicial authorities. He had warned on many occasions that somehow the opportunities available to Christianity in Iran must be curtailed and completely destroyed. (Source)
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