Sunday, July 29, 2012

Arizona Pastor Jailed for Bible Study Faces Persecution in Prison

07/24/2012 United States ( - Michael Salman, a pastor from Arizona who is jailed for home bible studies continues to face persecution in prison. Salman is currently serving a 60-day sentence with the potential to be longer depending on future proceedings in court. While in prison he continues to do that which put him there in the first place; holding bible studies.

Jail officials on one occasion last week dispersed a gathering of almost 20 inmates that Salman had together for a bible study. Officials threatened to put him “in the hole” if he didn’t cooperate. On another such occasion he was forced to work on Sunday instead of honoring the Sabbath.

Upon intervention from his attorneys who sent word to the Maricopa County Jail, Salman has been given new work duties that do not interfere with his religious beliefs. The Rutherford Institute has come out today with another such statement warning officials at the prison that by law they must allow Salman to practice his religion. His right to do so is under the United States Constitution, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, and Arizona’s Free Exercise of Religion Act(Source).

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