Monday, July 30, 2012

Radicals Threaten to Rape Christian Women in Indian Village

 07/30/2012 India (CPUI)- Raipur20 Bajrang Dal activists roughed up pastor Kamalesh and fifty plus believers at a prayer meeting in a in Bakli Village near Rajim , 55 kilometers from Raipur Chattisgarh , some fifty men,women and children were attending the prayer meeting at a house in a slum cluster . During the prayer meeting, on 22nd July 20 armed men from Bajrang Dal openly identified themselves and threatened the pastor and believers.

They accused pastror Kamalesh of proselytization, desecrating idols and defaming and blaspheming their gods and goddesses…The radicals left the scene after tormenting the congregation for 45 minutes and before leaving threatened the women that they will not hesitate to violate them if they continue to follow Jesus Christ(Source).

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