Saturday, August 11, 2012

House Church in Remote Chinese Province Continues to Face Persecution

08/11/2012 China (ChinaAid) - This March (2012), Zhong Shuguang, the Christian pastoring Xinjiang Hotan house church, was detained for 15 days by the Hotan Municipal Public Security Bureau who confiscated church possessions. In April the church hired a Christian lawyer to apply for administrative review on behalf of the house church; initially it appeared some relief had been obtained, but then a series of retaliatory persecutions were conducted against the church.

On July 2nd Pastor Zhong Shuguang was administratively detained, while additional church property was confiscated. On Sunday, July 22nd, 17 brothers and sisters of the church, including Pastor Zhong Shuguang and his wife, were detained, then later released.

China Aid Association condemns the Hotan authority’s concerted persecution of this house church, and urges it to stop the harassment and suppression of Xinjiang Hotan house church, as continued persecution serves only to undermine social stability in Xinjiang. Meanwhile, ChinaAid calls on churches throughout China to pay close attention to the persecution of brothers and sisters in Hotan and to intercede to the Lord on their behalf.

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