Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Twenty-Six Chinese Believers “taken away” for Attending Illegal Outdoor Worship Service

8/13/12 China (ChinaAid) - Peace in the Lord! On this past Sunday, we held the thirty-first outdoor worship service of this year. It was a hot and humid day, with showers in the early morning. As far as we know, on Sunday morning, besides the sister who was taken to be detained at a hotel on Friday, at least twenty-six believers were taken away from locations near the platform for attending the outdoor service.They were then sent to four different local police stations.Six believers were released by noon, and the other twenty-one believers were released one after another by 20:00pm on Sunday.

We continue to give thanks to our Lord, who has been encouraging us through his words. He manifested how “the Most High is sovereign over the kingdom of mortals” through his mighty works in the past (Daniel 4:17, 32), and he continues to reign over the kingdom of mortals; he remains righteous and just. May God have mercy on this country, and allow the rulers of this country to know him, so that they understand that their authority comes from God, and then use their power with justice and righteousness(Source).

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