Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Call For Expulsion Of An American Christian Teacher After Her Facebook Comments On Gays

Yesterday, the article focused on persecution of my British brethren in Christ Jesus. Now, it's here in America. If you as a Christian are still nursing the comforting, stupid and naive Illusion that we as Christians can't be persecuted here in the West, or in America, here's an article to destroy that idea:

(Note: The words in bold within the article are from the author himself and what he thinks about this whole incident.)
10/17/2011 United States (The Christian Post)-Gay rights activists plan to protest at a New Jersey board of education meeting on Tuesday after a school teacher described homosexuality as a sin on her Facebook account. Though supporters of the teacher, Viki Knox, say her First Amendment rights should be protected, her opponents are calling on the school board to take away her job.

According to the Facebook page for Garden State Equality, an organization dedicated to supporting gay rights, the protest is being organized to tell the school board in Union Township that “it is wrong for a teacher to spew anti-LGBT hatred on Facebook in her official capacity as a teacher.”

“Ms. Knox went out of her way several times in her vicious tirade to identify herself as a teacher and to communicate as a teacher, not as a private citizen,” said Steven Goldstein, the chair and CEO of GSE, in a comment posted on GSE's Facebook page. “And in the role of teacher on Facebook, she communicated her bile to students. That is the line she crossed here – that is why the school should take action.”

The controversy began when Knox, a special education teacher at Union High School, posted an image to her personal Facebook account of a display at the school which promotes the month of October as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month.

I should let you know that this teacher did the wrong thing by putting a negative display of LGBT on her facebook account,  because it was of something from school, on school property. Nonetheless, I have a feeling that her comments on homosexuality would have threatened her job whether she had posted that photo or not.

She said she was “pitching a fit” over the display, and eventually sparked a debate for taking a stance against homosexuality. In her comments Knox describes homosexuality a “perverted spirit” and a sinful lifestyle, saying, “I know sin and it breeds like cancer!”

While many are quick to label Knox's position on homosexuality as hateful, she claimed she doesn't hate anyone.

“I love my family members and friends that practice alternate lifestyles but I do not condone or support their lifestyle,” she wrote, according to a copy of the Facebook debate posted on GSE's website.

“I do not deny them access to me or my home. Christ draws us all through a love so vast and encompassing that our human minds continue to fail to comprehend but it was still LOVE! I have no idea how the ADULTS saw my pic, read something I wrote and concluded I was hating and bashing.”

Kim Colby, senior legal counsel for the Christian Legal Society, told The Christian Post via email on Monday that Knox has a right to comment on the issue without being punished.

“Unfortunately some groups have decided that their political agenda is more important than the First Amendment,” Colby said. “The First Amendment must protect everyone’s right to express personal beliefs on controversial topics, or we all lose freedom of speech(Source).”


  1. Man homosexuality is a big problem and I just hate that is such a sensisitive issue.

  2. Jesus is about love, stop hating please. Gay people are here and always have been. We deserve love.
    Thank you,
    A Gay Person

  3. @the gay person:
    Yes Jesus is about love, but he also hates your sinful for which you shall be punished if you don't turn to Him. I hope you come to do.

    In Christ,

    Jabari Jefferson