Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teacher’s Islamic Blasphemy Sentence Upgraded In Pakistan

It seems like Pakistan is cracking down on their blasphemy laws. Those type of laws need to be abolished for good so that the Pakistani society can advance and so my Pakistani brethren in Christ can stop being imprisoned on trumped up charges.

10/19/2011 Pakistan (The Australian)-A retired Pakistani schoolteacher has been jailed for three years on blasphemy charges after appealing against a one-month sentence handed down for allegedly insulting the Muslim prophet Mohammad. Mehram Wahocho was also fined Rs5000 ($US57) in the appeal judgment, which found that the lower court sentence handed down two years ago was too lenient. The decision was made after Wahocho's accuser also appealed against the original sentence, asking for an increase in his punishment.

Last month, a 13-year-old Christian girl was expelled from her school, and her government nurse mother transferred from her job, for allegedly committing blasphemy during a test in which she inadvertently made a spelling error. Faryal Tauseef, an eighth grade student at Sir Syed High School in the northwest town of Havelian, was asked with her class to define "naat" (hymn), a style of poem written in praise of Mohammed, instead writing the word "lanaat" (curse).

"In her explanation, Faryal wrote a word which was blasphemous," the school's administrator, Junaid Sarfraz, said, adding that her teacher had referred the case to Muslim clerics believing she had intentionally used the word.

"The girl confessed, saying that she did it by mistake and the school administration, after consulting local clerics, decided to rusticate (expel) her."

Pakistan's Human Rights Commission chairman Asma Jahangir said the blasphemy laws were open to blatant abuse but the current "climate of fear" in Pakistan stifled all debate about reform(Source).

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