Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Egypt’s Coptic Christians Fear More Violence

I pray that my Egyptian brethren in Christ Jesus get religious freedom in Egypt. I also hope that some of them remain in the country so they can preach the gospel to the Muslims there.

10/24/2011 Egypt (Christian Post) – Thousands of Coptic Christians gathered in front of the White House Wednesday, Oct. 19, to protest the ensuing violence against Christians in what many predict to be a progressively sectarian society in Egypt. Christians fear that violent clashes between military and protesters Sunday, Oct. 9 are just the beginning of a heated, bloody battle, with Muslims and the military in combat with diminishing numbers of Coptic Christians.

“The risk is that Islamist parties will gain substantial influence, and political debates ultimately will become debates about the proper interpretation of Shariah [Islamic law], and that’s a conversation in which the Copts won’t have any part,” Eric Trager, fellow of the Washington Institute for Near Ear Policy told The Washington Times.

Although Egypt’s current ruling Military regime promised to step down after upcoming parliamentary elections, they have now pushed back the date of the elections. Christians fear that continued military rule will slight any chances of religious freedom in Egypt (Source).

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