Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crisis In Sudan Threatens Christian Community

I knew that the persecution of my Northern Sudanese brothers and sisters in Christ was just beginning, even after Sudan divided into 2 countries. We need to keep on praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Northern Sudan.

08/06/2011 Sudan (CBN)-Sudan is facing a new humanitarian crisis. Tens of thousands of lives are at risk as the Islamic regime of north Sudan launches attacks in the Nuba Mountains. The armed forces of President Omar Bashir are terrorizing people in the war-torn region of South Kordofan State.
The Nuba Mountains has one of the largest Christian populations in the north.
Brad Phillips, president of the Persecution Project Foundation, just returned from the Nuba mountains.
He testified before U.S. congressional leaders that aid access to the region is limited.
"There is a serious humanitarian crisis that is approaching," Phillips said. "There are 70,000 to 90,000 people that are probably going to die in the next month to two months because the roads are shut down to the north and the flights are not coming into the Nuba mountains."
Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., said it's important the church in the West stands-up for these persecuted Christians.
"I think the church in the West has to do a better job of advocating for the persecuted church," Wolf said. "If anything, hopefully, this hearing can not only motivate the administration, but also the church, leaders of all the denominations, to come together to advocate for this."

Bashir's soldiers are also reportedly burning down churches. Bishop Andudu is from Sudan's South Kordofan. He testified to the devastation that happened at his diocese.
"My house was shot with guns and my chaplain was able to escape through the window and also my offices and café burned down," Andudu said.

The Nuba people also suffered persecution at this same level back in the 1990s. Humanitarian organizations say the same people who killed more than 500,000 people back then are trying to "finish the job" today(Source).

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