Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nepali Terrorist Experiences Love of Christ in Prison

8/29/11 Nepal (Christian Post) - Ram Prasad Mainali, 39, spearheaded the Nepal Defense Army (NDA), a faction with the interest of re-establishing Nepal as a Hindu nation. The group was responsible for bombing several Christian and Muslim houses of worship in Nepal. In the bombing of the Catholic Assumption Church in 2009, two women and a schoolgirl died. Mainali was arrested and charged with organizing the attack.

Despite being imprisoned at the Kathmandu's Dilli Bazar Prison, Mainali was found to have also organized the bombing of two mosques in southern Nepal, where two men died, as well as the killing of Father John Prakash, a Salesian priest from India.

In 2010, Mainali repented for his actions against religious minorities in Nepal, stating that the compassion that he received from Christians compelled him to begin reading the Bible.
“Although I bombed the church, Christians come to meet me everyday,” he said. “No right wing Hindu has come to meet me even once.”

Now, Mainali and other leaders of the NDA are in negotiations with the Nepali government. The groups are working to have the NDA recognized as a political organization in exchange for the NDA surrendering its arms. If an agreement is made between the groups, members of the NDA who are currently in prison will be released, including Mainali.

Nepali Christians and Muslims are skeptical that the actions would be in the best interest of religious minorities in the country(Source).

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