Saturday, August 27, 2011

Libyan Christians Remain Safe in Tripoli Amid Ongoing Battle to Oust Gaddafi

8/25/2011 Libya (Christian Post) – Christians in Libya are safe and well despite the ongoing clashes and imminent fall of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, according to a report released by Open Doors.
The report stated that following Gaddafi’s defiant call to his loyalists to fight the rebels trying to oust him, Christians met in Tripoli to pray for the country and the future of Christian populations in the region.
Gaddafi’s audio message called upon his loyalists to take Tripoli back from the “devils and traitors” that have overrun the country and fight until “victory or martyrdom.”
The call has been adding to fears expressed by global leaders and political analysts that a Tripoli “bloodbath” could be forthcoming.
However, Open Doors, a Christian persecution watchdog, has reported that Christians in the capital are coming together each day to pray and encourage each other and that thus far they have remained safe.
The group estimates that indigenous Christians in the country are very few, numbering just 150. However, the country did previously have a sizable Christian population of migrant workers prior to the protests against Gaddafi that began in February.
Most of the migrant workers that were Christian have now left the country, though pockets remain. Nevertheless, Open Doors reported them as “doing well” under the current chaotic environment.
The country coordinator for Open Doors spoke of the situation, saying, “Getting in touch with Christians in Tripoli is not easy. Phone service is off and on or not answered, but I understand that the internet is up in Tripoli again, so I expectcommunication opportunities will improve in the next few days.”
The organization is uncertain how Christians will fare in a Gaddafi-free Libya, saying in the report, “No one knows. The government will be Islamic, but the question remains how strict it will be and how strong fundamentalist influences will be shaping the new Libya(Source).”

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