Friday, August 12, 2011

Nigerian Christians Under Attack

Let's continue to pray for our Nigerian brothers and sisters in Christ living in the Northern part of Nigeria, where Muslims are the majority.

08/12/2011 Nigeria (ACLJ)-Recently, the American Center for Law & Justice engaged in a fact-finding mission across the northern states of Nigeria in an attempt to expose violent attacks against Christians. The findings from our mission are heart breaking: over 500 Christian churches have been attacked, almost 200 Christians have lost their lives, and thousands more have been displaced in the last year alone.

Northern Nigeria is predominately Muslim by faith, but a small minority of indigenous Christians struggle to survive and practice their faith openly. After a heated presidential election, in which a Christian won the election, the streets of Nigeria erupted with violence. Many have been quick to blame the violence on political strife, but our fact-finding mission has exposed that majority of the violence strategically targets the Christian minority in the north. Despite the attempts to categorize the strife as political, sectarian violence predates the presidential elections and demonstrates an underlying agenda to eradicate Christianity from northern Nigerian.
Be on the lookout for a more detailed report of the findings from our fact-finding mission in Nigeria. We will continue to keep you informed and to advocate for the freedom of religion for all.


  1. You feel bad, hurt and disturbed don't you...that Christian practices are being curbed in Islamic countries? Well my friend, the Christian missionaries are doing the same to "Non Christian" cultures and social practices, naming them culture of devil and Hindu worship as Demon worship. Do you support that? If you do....then you dont have right to condemn if other's do same to you.

  2. Hi antinormal view,
    There are big differences between how Islam is curbing Christian practice and Christian missionaries naming something as evil.

    I as a Christian do see worship of idols as of the devil, because that is what written in the Bible. Yet I don't go around persecuting them for what they believe, because that is also written in the Bible.

    p/s: And nice blog, from Malaysia. God Bless.

  3. Thank you Tiwas!!!! Thanks for adressing him. I'm glad to know that people all over the world are looking at my blog!!! I'm also glad to know that there are brethren out there in Malaysia. You guys are in my prayers.