Monday, August 29, 2011

UK Parliamentary Inquiry To Assess Christian Freedoms

If any of my Western brothers and sisters in Christ, are still nursing the Illusion that we couldn't face any serious persecution ought to read this and think again.

08/28/2011 UK (Inspire Magazine)-Are Christians being marginalized in public life? Is it becoming more difficult to speak freely or be authentically Christian in the workplace? What does the law actually have to say about these issues?

These are just some of the questions a cross-party group of Christian MPs and peers are attempting to address as part of Clearing the Ground – a parliamentary inquiry to see how the law treats Christians.

The All Party Parliamentary Group ‘Christians in Parliament’ has launched the inquiry to seek clarity regarding what Christians can and cannot do within the law. It will cut through the claims made in the media and by opposing campaign groups to consider whether Christians are finding their freedoms eroded.

Gary Streeter MP, who is chairing the inquiry, said: "There has never been a more significant time for Christians to make a positive contribution to our society, but if we are to do that it is important to clear the ground of the confusion that sometimes appears to hinder our capacity to live and speak freely. This cross-party enquiry from both the Commons and the Lords attempts to do just that. "

Clearing the Ground follows a series of high profile cases of Christians facing the courts because of the way they have lived out their beliefs - particularly in the workplace. The legal complexity and media portrayal of such cases is making many Christians and others unclear about the position of their supposed freedoms, and uncertain as to how they can continue to contribute to public life in the UK().

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